16.Denise Bush(non-registered)
Thank you for taking me on this wonderful trip to Cuba. Your images are absolutely wonderful and have shown me parts of Cuba I have not seen in other photographer's work. Have you ever considered another career? You are a wonderful photojournalist! Congratulations on a job so very well executed!
15.Linda DeAngelis(non-registered)
I loved your Cuba photo's!
Wow! many times over. You took me back to Iceland and showed me even more of this incredible country. Framing, colors, subjects - all beautiful. And this website is great.
13.Charlie Freedman(non-registered)
Hi Ken,

I've had a quick peek at some of your images, and that's just whetted my appetite to look at more. I need a rainy afternoon so I can devote some time to it, and savour each picture. Hope your Iceland trip went well.

awesome pictures! thank you for sharing.
11.Bryan Bart(non-registered)
Ken, great website that helps showcase your work. All of your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your next trips photos. Take care, Bryan
10.Scott O'Donnell(non-registered)
Hi Ken,

I just finished looking at your Holcombe-Jimison photos from yesterday's outing. Well done!
My favorites are the old medicine bottles and I also love the spinning wheel. Using the fireplace behind it as a frame was a stroke of genius. Really great work all around!


Your talent grows and grows. Beautiful photos.
8.Rick Perkowski(non-registered)
Good work!!
I still think you could frame and sell these. Every time I look at them, I notice something else that I missed the first time.
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